Xpandasox® Sock Bank At Work With Keith Wallace

Many of our customers know thatis a faith-based company committed to giving back to the community through our . For each pair of  sold, we will donate 1 pair to ourto donate to those in need.

We recently had the great pleasure of working with the Miami-based rapper,, in supporting his mission to feed and clothe the homeless in communities across the country. Keith is a true inspiration to us with the work he is doing for the homeless, and the positive message he is spreading to the youth through his music.

We thank Keith for all that is he is doing and are happy to be supporting his efforts with our

Check out our interview below with Keith – we hope his story inspires you as much as it did us!

received_726640654135153Q: How did you become a rapper?

KW: Growing up, I always took a liking to music. I would beat on my desk at school. I would beat on the kitchen table. I mean, I have been writing for as long as I can remember.

Q: What was your story that made you turn to the church?

KW: Losing my mom and my daughter on the same day, a couple hours apart. My daughter was killed in a hit-and-run accident and my mom lost her battle with cancer. Those situations definitely made me re-evaluate my life in its entirety.

Q: How did you decide to incorporate music and spirituality?

KW: Crazy thing is, they incorporated themselves. I just knew I wanted to provide hope. I just knew I wanted to help people and music was a great platform to do so.

Q: What are some of your songs about? How do you want to affect people with your music?

KW: MY music is about hope. About giving hope. I want my music to inspire the masses. I want someone to listen to my music and be like,”It’s not over.” This is not the end. Brighter days are truly ahead and we are going to get there together.

Q: What is your mission? What motivates you?

KW: To change the world. To make the world a better place. My motivations are the memories of my mom and daughter and providing a better future for my 2 yr-old son.

Q: How are you trying to influence the youth with your rap?

KW: The way I see it, if the Young Jeezey, Rick Ross, and Young Thugs of the world can use their music to tell the youth to sale drugs, why can’t I use my music to tell them to pick up a book. To received_726643617468190stay in school. Music is a powerful weapon in today’s society.

Q: Outside of rap, are there other projects you are pursuing?

KW: Yes. I have partnered with the BrownBagLunchGang and the August 18 Foundation. The last Saturday of every month we go out and feed and clothe the homeless in communities across the country. We have also created a mentoring program where we travel and speak at schools, churches and youth correctional facilities.

Q: What made you want to work with 

KW: I actually ran across the page onand did a little research. After completing the research, I reached out to my manager and was like,”Yo! You have to see this!”  The mission that Ms. Sharon has for her company is identical to ours except her music is her socks if that makes sense. It was only right that we connected.



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